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The Submariner, introduced in 1953, was the first clock is water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet). It was further strengthened by its patented triple gasket crown Triplock so that it is able to withstand up to depths of up to 300 meters (1,000 feet). The date of 40 mm Submariner is presented here in white gold with a blue disc Cerachrom.

The first Submariner Date debuted in 1965 as Ref. 1680. In 1986, sapphire crystal and the caliber 3035 were added to the watch, creating the Ref. 16800. Then in 1989, with the addition of the caliber 3135, the Submariner Date became the Ref. 16610, and the non-date Ref. 14060. On the Submariner’s 50th birthday, a green-bezeled version was released as Ref. 16610LV. All versions (white gold, yellow gold, and stainless steel) of the Submariner have been updated over the years, although current models are still very similar to very early ones, a testament to the timelessness of this watch.

A telescope with a blue, black or green use Cerachrom Submariner Date-40-mm case. Consists of very hard ceramic material insert Cerachrom Rolex has excellent corrosion resistance. Its color is not affected by UV rays, and it is virtually scratch proof. Pay and promotions are available in yellow gold or platinum.

However, at the best stores these differences are all but eliminated by replica watch makers who pay attention to even the smallest details. You can find a fake Rolex Submariner watch that has almost completely imitated the genuine one, except for their cheaper materials. Knockoffs these days are already available as high quality watches, given that you find the right source.