The new King Air Rolex Oyster watch

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The new King Air type watch reflects the unique contact the thirties Rolex and the aviation industry. In the golden age of aviation, aircraft performance with each passing day, the route continues to expand, long-haul flights are also introduced. British aviator Charles Douglas Barnard (Charles DouglasBarnard) was one of the aviation pioneer, setting a record number of flight. He spoke about Oyster watch: “This Rolex watch superior quality, especially for my flight after a long flight all, I intend to wear this watch..” In 1933, “Houston Crusade” (HoustonExpedition) of the pilot had to wear a Rolex Oyster watch in the first flying over Everest voyage. Voyage in extreme bad weather is completed, the flight altitude above sea level of more than 10,000 meters (about 33,000 feet). In 1934, Owen Cathcart Jones (Owen Cathcart-Jones) and Ken Waller (Ken Waller) driving twin-engine de Havilland Comet aircraft (De HavillandComet), and the use of the Rolex Oyster watch as a timepiece, The shortest flight time to and from London and Melbourne, Australia, a record. Today, Rolex introduced a new King Air type watch, to pay tribute to a public flight pioneer, Oyster watch and celebrate an important role in aviation history.

3131 Air King type watch with automatic winding mechanical chronograph movement. This whole movement developed by Rolex, excellent structure, excellent quality, technological innovation, so watch accurate and reliable, unique. Gossamer balance wheel assembly is the heart of watch parts, with the Rolex patent blue Parachrom gossamer. This unique alloy springs cast by Rolex, from magnetic interference, even when the temperature changes, remain stable, seismic force more ten times more than conventional springs. Rolex is also equipped with gossamer ring at the end to ensure that the law remains in different locations. Escapement with paramagnetic nickel-phosphorus alloy by the escapement wheel, the device by Rolex for Research and Innovation UV-LiGA precision micro-electroforming technology made. 3131-type movement with automatic winding assembly, dominated by constant pendulum Tuo spring on the chain, its power reserve of approximately 48 hours.

King Air type watch match 904L solid steel chain link Oyster bracelet with folding Oyster buckle, buckle easy to tune also installed links. This device is designed to extend patent Rolex cleverly lets wearing a strap to easily extend about 5 mm, in any case, all wearing comfort.