How to Spot a Fake Rolex

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Fake Rolex watches are getting really good—so good that many can pass the eye test. It is getting harder to tell whether a “Rolex” is real or not, but here are some tell-tale signs of a fake:

  • Made in China logo
  • Clear back
  • Weighted improperly
  • Peeling paint
  • Spelled Rollex

These may sound comical, but counterfeiters do make obvious fakes, as well as really good ones. The trickiest forges to spot are in the fine watch category. There is a whole industry out there spewing out knockoff Rolexes and, some of the time at least, they are nearly identical to the real thing.

The bad news is, even experts get fooled from time to time. Some counterfeits are exact replicas with serial numbers that match real watches manufactured from the same materials with the same movement. For all purposes, they are just as high quality, just not genuine Rolex.

One of the most accurate ways to identify a counterfeit is by locating the Serial and Case Reference numbers engraved on the side of the case between the lugs. Engraving on a genuine Rolex features light-reflecting, very fine lines. A copy has a more “etched” appearance and the spacing in the numbers may be too close. Not only that, fakers will sometimes use the same numbers on all their watches.