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Rolex presents the new series of Celini, to highlight the contemporary spirit of the classical style of classical watches and timeless elegance. The new collection consists of 12 classic watches, each set of professional technology and sophisticated technology in one, full of Rolex watch the traditional meaningful place. With simple and elegant lines, noble magnificent material, and refined luxury modification, all details are in line with the tabulation of the law. However, this new series of watches is not limited to the old beautiful design. Inspired by the Italian Renaissance artist, goldsmith and votive sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, the Rolex Celini series, on the one hand, reverts to the classical roots, and on the other, reinterprets the essence and perfection of modernity. harmonious.

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These watches contain Rolex watchmaking tradition, reminiscent of contemporary immortal buildings, the proportion of its layout and simple lines, and modern space and light and shadow with clever. The new Chellini watch out of the traditional constraints, a complete embodiment of the guardian of the time, it is a symbol of luxury style, truly reflects the life of art (art de vivre) of extraordinary value.

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The Rolex Celini series is a remembrance of Italian artist Cherini, a sculptor, jewelry technologist, art theorist and a brilliant writer. He is a versatile character. In his view of the universe to maintain a lot of individual factors derived from the Renaissance. He was praised by the Pope, the Duke of Florence and the King of France. He is the representative of the decoration in the style of sculpture, he was advocating the restoration of sculpture in the heroic spirit of the only artist. Wear this replica rolex cellini 50509 watch I think I am also a great artist.