Rolex Yacht-Master Stands out of the Crowd as the First Regatta Chronograph

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When an individual reaches a certain status in then society and some level in his own life, he would feel the need to celebrate the achieved success. Wearing a designer watch like Rolex offers a clear picture about the person wearing it, while a Rolex Yacht-Master II will say even more about who that person is. So, if you believe that you deserve such a watch, you are most probably right about it.

There are a plethora of watches available on the market, but the Rolex Yacht-Master stands out of the crowd as the first regatta chronograph. 35,000 hours of development has led to the watch’s programmable countdown feature. In case you are a sailing enthusiast and you might join the races, this watch is the perfect watch on sea. The watch enables you to set the regatta starting sequences. It also boasts another remarkable feature, the ring command bezel, which acts just as a key for the programmable countdown. Thus, the user can easily set the race time’s start. For many years, the Rolex Yacht-Master II has been the number one option for sailor all around the world.

If you have some time and patience going through several websites, you will most certainly find very good deals on Yacht-Master II second-hand watches, discounted originals and replica watches. Such replicas might also be available at street vendors. As a matter of fact, knockoff Rolex watches are not bad at all. Even if you cannot afford to buy an original timepiece, you can still experiment the unique sensation that comes along with such a watch.If you are into sailing and you are thinking of joining the races, this watch is going to be a good partner to have at sea because you can set the regatta starting sequences on the very watch. If there is one thing that the Rolex Yacht-Master II is very proud of, it is the ring command bezel. It is the part of the mechanism that act like a key for the programmable countdown.

If you want to have the Yacht-Master around your wrist, it is not going to be impossible. Designer watches are quite expensive, but there are so many ways for you to own one, either by watching out for good deals or by simply choosing to own a replica RolexYacht-Master II watch. There are a lot of specials advertised online. You can spend a few hours going through various sites, and find out good deals on Rolex Yacht-Master II knockoffs, second-hand items, and discounted originals. You can also try to find street vendors that carry all kinds of replicas.

Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Watches UK

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With the Yacht-Master 40 Everose with Oysterflex strap arguably stealing the show at last year’s Baselworld, luxury fake Rolex UK have taken the opportunity at this year’s event to add an Everose Rolesor gold edition to the collection. Also featuring a chocolate dial, the new Yacht-Master offers a distinctively softer colour scheme than the masculine matte-black dial and bezel of last year’s edition.

Striking to say the least, this black-and-gold version of the Yacht-Master defies conventional Rolex norms down to the “Oysterflex” bracelet in matte black. Available in 37mm and 40mm cases, the Everose gold timepiece is affixed to a matte black Rolex-exclusive Cerachrom ceramic insert with polished and raised black numerals and indices. The matte black dial is a first in the Rolex Yacht-Master collection. Power is sourced by size: the 37mm uses Caliber 2236, the 40mm, 3135. Both are mechanical automatic movements. The bracelet boasts a patented “longitudinal cushion” system for maximum comfort. The Oyster case is water-resistant to 300 meters, the case middle is milled from a solid block of Everose gold, and the trademark “cyclops lens” magnifying date window at 3 o’clock makes for clear legibility.

The matte-black Rolex Yacht-Master 40 proved to be a real show-stopper at Baselworld 2015, and the Swiss brand took the opportunity to introduce a new Everose Rolesor gold model to the esteemed collection at this year’s exhibition.

In fact, there is a case to be made that the new 40mm Yacht-Master is one of the few “full-sized” Rolex timepieces that appeals to women as well as men. This idea is reinforced by the introduction of the timeless Oyster bracelet in place of the sporty rubber Oysterflex strap.

40mm Rolex Yacht-Master replica watches with self-winding

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Rolex copy wrist watches tend to be often considered to be a status mark when compared with a wrist watch. It is a functional piece of jewelry that gives the wearer a place in his or her social circles. Rolex was the first ones to make a watch that’s got an automatically adjusting day and date about the dial. Amongst many, Roger Federe the Swiss professional Tennis Champion is among the endorsers of Rolex. Rolex is additionally the official timekeeper of Wimbledon and also the Melbourne open tennis grand slam.These watches denote the wearer as elegant, successful and powerful individual. Among the many Rolex collections, the Rolex Yachtmaster is the ideal wrist watch for the current day professional sailor. Individuals that adore to travel around the world through sea. This watch is made for people who find themselves adventurous enough to grasp the innovations supplied by this wristwatch. This is the first watch which was introduced in 1992 that combined both ruggedness for being sporty and also elegance into one luxury wristwatch. Rolex also has introduced yachtmaster women swiss wrist watches and also a mid sized men’s model which was the first scaled-down professional watch released by Rolex. These watches are the pinnacles of excellence in time keeping pieces.


Yacht-Master collection is very popular among fans and Rolex also launches Yacht-Master II collection later because of the popularity of the first generation. Rolex Yacht-Master replica watches with self-winding mechanical movements have unique cases that are made up of platinum and 904L steel. Their hour markers are white luminescent indexes with steel settings.


The central hour and minute hands covered with white luminescence show the time clearly. Their seconds hand is blue, making the dial look more eye-catching. Their bezels are also made of Rolesium that are mixed up with 904L steel and 950 platinum and carried with 60-minute graduated raised numbers. The bezels can be rotated bidirectionally. Rolex fake watches with blue seconds hands are driven by Cal. 3135, COSC-certified Swiss movements with paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairsprings. The precise movements can wind up in both directions by perpetual rotors and save about 48-hour power.

The watches with screw-down winding crowns are waterproof to 100m. They are designed for the leisure purpose. But their decent appearances and reliable functions make them suitable for any occasion. What’s more, there also is a 37mm watch of the same design launched for people to choose.


Rolex Yacht-Master 168623 Replica Watch

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Yacht-Master series is designed for Yacht racing games. While the original type is not fixed with a professional time chronograph. With the development of racing, the Rolex Yacht-Master replica watches with self-winding movements turn to professional areas.

The Yacht-Master series can be divided into three kinds including 29mm, 34mm and 40mm. Today we will introduce the 34mm diameters Rolex fake watches with golden dials for ladies. The watches are quite luxury and fashionable. As a lady watch, it has a necessary lofty tone which makes female fall in deep love with it.

Although the copy watches with golden and steel bracelets are professional timepieces, they are still suitable for daily wearing. Also the watches can help you outstanding in the crowds.

It may be the most complex watch of Rolex

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Speaking of Rolex’s complex models, Yacht-Master II ROLEX is perhaps the most active products in the Rolex one – even with the calendar display of the Sky-Dweller I am afraid there is less than. Saying that in 2007 it is watch brands are keen to use their brains in sports do propaganda, a statement is a joint table models, stick with the good things.

Having said that, these watches are almost exclusively in the functional chronograph, Rolex is very rare to have developed a special example for this movement, the surface of the central red arrow pointer and bypass the large half of the surface The blue box number is used for the countdown before the game, players can set their own countdown minutes and at any time amended, called the same type of function in the most complete one.

The watch presented here is Rolex YachtMaster II 116680 replica. The classic YachtMaster watch with blue detail and steel bracelet. 116680 replica is made of 316L stainless steel, this type of steel material is used on most replica watches and even on some genuine Swiss brand watches. Case is measured to be 44mm in diameter, it is an oversized YachtMaster case, compared with 40mm of Ref. 116655, I like 44mm more, besides, these new YachtMaster II watches, including 116655 and 116622, seems to have abandoned the sports features and look to be more casual.

The replica is equipped with an Asian clone ETA 2813 movement, so it does not have counterdown feature like genuine YachtMaster 116680. But the replica could be installed a valjoux 7750 movement, to become a watch with chronograph function. The bracelet is made of solid 316L stainless steel, links at both sides are brushed, while the central links are polished, this bracelet design forms a perfect visual impact and gives the wearer a good touch feeling. When wearing on my hand, the 44mm is very suitable for my wrist but the bracelet is a little longer, so I have to remove some links, it feels heavy and stainless steel bracelet is really good for summer. It is a good idean to wear this watch with your blue or white shirt.

Lao Teng said: If you are tired of a friend every day sunshiny or log-type Rolex, a Yacht-Master II can make you different, but this watch only a few decades ago, All-precious metal) and half-luxury (half gold), to 3 years before the launch of the steel version of the price to a friendly price.

Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Replica Watches

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Rolex introduced the watch classic sailing Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master New 18ct rose gold eternal black watch, especially with developed patented by Rolex Oysterflex strap. The innovative design of the metal strap solid and reliable, and flexible rubber strap, comfort and beauty rolled into one. Strap subtlety, that the inside is super-elastic metal sheet and the outer layer of black rubber injection molding places high performance coating. The new Yacht-Master with a diameter of 40 mm and 37 mm size two new sizes available.

Yacht-Master‘s new Oysterflex strap developed and patented by Rolex, is an alternative metal band sporty design, the rugged and reliable waterproof performance less favorably than the former. The flexible strap beautiful and comfortable to wear, like a rubber strap, but its durability may be comparable to the metal strap. Strap connected by elastic titanium nickel alloy plate to the case and Oyster insurance deduction. High performance black rubber-coated metal sheet will, under various environmental conditions are not susceptible, durable apart, wear is also very strong. In order to wear more comfortable, within Oysterflex strap with patented longitudinal buffer system, so watch fixed on the wrist. Strap is also equipped with 18ct rose gold eternity Oyster insurance deduction, watch to prevent accidental opening.

Perfectly depending on the Benz hands and classic hour markers with luminous material, charming fake watches can ensure the legible reading at any moment and any situation.

Rolex Yacht-Master II copy watches with Everose Rolesor bracelets

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With the rapid development of technology and innovation, UK high-quality fake watches are designed with creative craft so that they own perfect appearances, which can remain the fashionable position in the watch field.

Especially designed for yachting, Rolex Yacht-Master II copy watches with Everose Rolesor bracelets own countdown and mechanical memory. Based on the unprecedented exquisite technology, the watches can formulate the countdown from zero to ten minutes in order to fully meet the yachting needs. Moreover, the Rolex Ring Command rotational bezels realize the perfect interaction and cooperation between movements, cases and bezels.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II Baselworld 2011 Watch

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II has a large, masculine case, with the diameter of 44 mm. This uncharacteristic size for Rolex family allows the easy use of hi-tech features and great readability, providing a clear view at the countdown counter and the small second sub-dial.

In addition to the remarkable functions, the watches are combined with steel and Everose gold materials, and in particular, the white dials are shown with Everose gold square indexes, and the bezels are also engraved with Everose gold Arabic numerals, therefore, the watches present people very luxury style and clear reading.