Rolex GMT-Master 16753

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In the early seventies, the steel and gold 16753 version was an addition to the stainless-steel and full-gold models of the Rolex GMT-Master. The steel and gold version became available with a black dial and rotating GMT-bezel, as well with a brown dial and gold-brown colored bezel. It’s the latter this 52Mondayz article is about.

While most Rolex sports watches have black dials, a brown dial quite stands out from the crowd. And that is something which attracts to me, one way or the other. This brown dial as well is the reason for this watch’ nickname, ‘Root Beer’. The color of the dial obviously resembles the color of root beer in that time.

And if one nickname isn’t enough, the Rolex GMT-Master 16753 can be found as well under the names of ‘Tiger Eye’ (or Tiger Auge in German), and even ‘Clint Eastwood’. Certainly, the two-colored bezel has more or less the same colors as can be found in Tiger Eye stones. And the 16753 seems, or seemed, to be Clint Eastwood’s favorite watch. Except often off-stage, it could be seen on his wrist in the 1982 Cold War film Firefox as well.

The last thing I want to mention on nicknames is about the index markers. Most of the brown dialed Rolex GMT-Master 16753’s you’ll find have thicker and higher (golden) indexes than regular Rolex sports models. Dials with these slightly cone-shaped high thick index markers are often, well always, referred to as ‘nipple dials’. The watch I’m wearing this week, however, has a later produced service dial with regular ring-shaped index markers. Although the name of the other indexes, of course, attracts more towards them, the regular ring-shaped indexes look very good and are actually harder to find.

The Rolex GMT-Master 16753, like the 16750, is considered a ‘transitional’ model. This means that the casing, plexiglass, and dial are equal to the former 1675 models. However, a newer type movement has been used. The older GMT-Masters had a Rolex Caliber 1570 caliber. The 16753’s contains the then new higher beat 3075 movement with a convenient quickset date.

Rolex GMT and three-central hands. Power reserve is over 42 hours

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One place many have looked to is Japan. While Japanese movements don’t have the name prestige that Swiss movement do, they are often very good, and high in the value department. I got news that Citizen owned Miyota has developed and released a new line of mechanical movements made to compete with some work-horse ETA movements such as the wildly popular 2824 automatic. The new collection from Miyota is the Calibre 9000 series, and comes in three flavors right now.

Last is the Calibre 9100. This pieces offers a few complications, but is still mechanical. Complex Japanese movements like this are quite rare. The majority of mechanical Japanese movements out there have just the time and a day/date function. If you saw a movement like this in a Japanese watch, you’d likely assume it was a quartz movement. While the 9100 will be the lease used of the three here, it is the most interesting. Functionally it has the time, day, date, month, a synchronized 24 hour hands, and a top mounted power reserve indicator. Not sure whether it is an annual or monthly calendar (would dictate when the calendar needs to be adjusted). A Swiss movement like this would not be cheap, and Miyota will offer it for what are comparatively speaking – bargain prices. I don’t have a price list in front of me, but I know the savings over Swiss movements will be substantial. Click here for a full technical description of the 9100.

For about 10 years ETA has been threatening to stop supplying third-party (outside the Swatch Group) watch brands with movement kits. The horological drama has been high, with the Swiss government weighing in several times, and ETA seemingly going back and forth with what they are going to do. Before Nicolas Hayek died, the latest was that ETA would no longer be supplying (ebauches) movement kits to third party watch brands, but they could get assembled kits. There were rumors that he actually would be giving kits to select outside Swatch Groups brands that he hand picked. Then he died, and now it isn’t clear who will get ETA movements and how. Whatever the fact may be for the next few years, watch brands that used to rely on ETA movements have been looking elsewhere for alternatives. This is because completed movement kits from ETA would be much more expensive and much harder to get.

Next is a very similar watch movement, but this one has an open view into the escapement. This is the Miyota Calibre 90S5. Aside from the open escapement (for when designers want to have a window to the “beating heart of the watch” on the dial), the 90S5 should be more or less identical to that 9015. You can see full technical description of it here.

While the prices for these movements will likely be impressive given their quality and function, they are still going to be hard to get. This I know. Another issue is accuracy. While there are some higher-end Japanese movement with amazing accuracy, most of those that compete with rank-and-file Swiss ones aren’t ultra impressive. But that really, really depends on what you compare them against. A 2824 can be regulated to be within COSC Chronometer accuracy (about 4-6 seconds a day accuracy), but Miyota lists the Calibre 9000 series has having between 10 – 30 seconds a day accuracy. While it is possible that my expectations are wrong, the range closer to 30 seconds a day rather worries me. Does that mean they can be upgraded or regulated for addition accuracy? Perhaps. I wonder where the weak link is. The balance spring? The mainspring? Not sure.

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Watch brands out there will have a new set of weapons when wanting affordable “nice” mechanical watches. Everyone else out there should know what these new Miyota Calibre 9000 movements are all about when seeing them in watches. Look for them pretty soon.

Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR

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we refer to the full gold Rolex GMT-Master II as ‘The Derrick’ as it was the watch this ober-inspector wore in many of the TV shows he did. We covered that watch here. The gold and stainless steel version, often referred to as the ‘Root Beer’, ‘Tiger Auge’ or ‘Clint Eastwood’ (we covered this reference 16753 here) can be seen as the predecessor of this new Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR. To start with the minor issue I have with this watch is that this new reference does not have a brown dial. Neither does the full Everose gold Rolex GMT-Master II version , but I just see this as a missed opportunity. It would have made them perfect pieces.

The new Rolex GMT-Master II in stainless steel and Everose gold is still a stunner though and luckily, the most famous watch brand from Geneve made sure that there was at least a touch of brown on the bezel. The brown ceramic bezel matches perfectly with the Everose gold, as you can see below.

The Everose material is Rolex’ own alloy of rose gold, making sure it will stay rose gold in colour over time. The regular rose gold alloy uses a (high) percentage of copper to obtain the rose or pink colour, but after a while, the gold will turn more yellow-ish again due to wear. With special alloys from watch manufacturers like Rolex, the colour is protected. Everything gold you see on this Rolex GMT-Master II is 18-carat Everose gold. The stainless steel is made of grade 904L steel.

The Cerachrom bezel, a special process to combine the (Everose) gold with ceramics, has a 24-hour scale in order to indicate day/night and can be rotated to set the timezone. The independent hour hand indicates local time, while the sleek gold arrowed hand is for home time. When it points to a numeral on the brown side of the bezel, this indicates that home time is daytime while the black part indicates night time. It is one of the most convenient GMT watches and I actually regret selling my 2005 reference 16710 that basically worked in the same way.

Despite the case size of 40mm in diameter, it wears a bit bigger and as comfortable as any other sports Rolex. Inside you’ll find the Rolex calibre 3285 ticking at 28,800vph. Put it against your ear and you’ll hear the high beat twinkle. It’s rock solid movement that is not only chronometer certified, it is also warranted to do even better than that (-4/+6 seconds) and it runs -2/+2 seconds a day on average, after casing.

Winding and setting the watch is easy with the large crown, which also has the Triplock technology onboard like the Submariner watches have as well. This technology ensures better water resistance and can be recognized by the three dots on the crown. Despite the Triplock, the GMT-Master II has a water resistance of 100 meters (or 10 bar), but that is probably enough for most of us.The Oyster bracelet just comes with one disadvantage, the gold centre links are scratch magnets. However, the all stainless steel Oyster bracelet on the GMT-Master II is also bound to get scratches within the first hours of wear, of course. It is just something you shouldn’t worry about too much. The good news is that gold is relatively soft and with each service interval you will get it back like new without too many problems. You can also have the centre links polished outside the advised service intervals, but just make sure you only have the gold centre links done, not the stainless steel parts. What’s gone is gone, with steel. Gold is easier to work on, or have fixed at a later stage.

Do you Know the History of GMT-Master

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Although the GMT-Master was designed essentially for professional use, its combination of peerless functionality and rugged good looks has attracted a wider travelling public. As well as appreciating its ability to display different time zones, these travellers admire the robustness and versatile appearance that make the GMT-Master eminently suitable for globetrotting and, indeed, for any occasion.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date GMT Master is part of the Rolex Professional Watch Collection. Designed in collaboration with Pan American Airways for use by their pilots and navigators, it was launched in 1954.

An updated Rolex GMT Master II was released in 2005. This new model features a number of technical changes, such as Rolex’s patented Parachrom hairspring as well as a larger Triplock crown (from the diver’s watches). The new model also has several cosmetic changes, such as larger case, hands and hour markers and also a new bezel made using an extremely hard ceramic material that is designed to be more scratch and fade resistant. Also included in the update is a new and more luxurious style of bracelet that has heavier solid links and a machined clasp. The stainless steel version now joins the precious metal versions by having highly polished centre links on its bracelet, which gives the watch a more dressy appearance but can be prone to scratches when used as an everyday watch.

Original GMT-Master Model

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The Rolex GMT-Master II has its roots in the original GMT-Master model that was introduced back in 1954 as a request from Pam American Airlines, which was looking for a watch that could display the exact time in two time zones simultaneously. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) was used as the international civil time standard at the time. The watch became an instant success among airline pilots and was soon adopted by other airlines worldwide.

The GMT-Master II model was released in the early 80s alongside the original model. The main differences are that it features a movement capable of adjusting the hour quickly without disturbing the minutes, seconds or GMT hand. Furthermore, since it features a rotating bezel, the watch is able to display a 3rd timezone. Newer models feature larger cases, hands, and hour markers. The ceramic bezels are also designed to be stronger and scratch resistant. This is a very elegant Rolex watch that is both functional and classy, excellent for the world traveler.

Rolex is responsible for producing arguably the most famous dual time watch ever made, the GMT-Master. The watch was first released in 1955, albeit in very small numbers, and featured a two-tone bezel in blue and red made of “bakelite”. This early version did not feature any crown protectors. The watch was made in collaboration with Pan American World Airways and intended as a pilot’s watch capable of simultaneously showing the prevailing time in two locations.

ROLEX Replica Watches Swiss Quality!

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When looking for the best copies of top replica watches available, you can never go wrong in choosing Swiss manufactured replicas as they are the ones that are made from high quality materials and they are also the ones that look extremely similar to their genuine counterparts. These replicas are made from precious and semi-precious materials which make them more durable than Japanese or Chinese manufactured replicas and the mechanisms used for the watches can also be similar to that of genuine luxury watches. The price of Swiss manufactured replicas can start from $1000 or higher depending on how similar it looks like to the original.

Swiss Made Rolex Replica

Rolex: Seeing Red & Blue

Prior to Baselword, Monochrome, a popular website predicted 5 watches that Rolex will introduce during the said event. They posted their predictions 2 weeks before Baselworld and guess what, Monochrome was 60% correct. Take a look at their hits and misses below:

Pepsi Rolex GMT Master II

According to the website, the “Pepsi” GMT Master is something that every Rolex fan is wishing for and last year, the company introduced the GMT Master II in blue/black combination which was thus coined the Batman GMT. The writers said they were hoping for a Pepsi GMT and they aren’t expecting any aesthetic or technical changes aside from the Cerachrom bezel in red and blue.
And it did materialize. The new GMT-Master II replica has a bezel in red and blue Cerachrom insert made in a single piece, something that’s never been seen before. It has a white gold case measuring 40mm and it has a price tag of the origian is $38,250.

The Datejust

This is the Rolex model that has a date aperture with a Cyclops eye lens over it. It is also recognized for its fluted bezel, which you should also find in knockoffs. The Rolex Datejust is easily recognizable from its date aperture with a distinctive magnifying Cyclops eye, and also from the fluted bezel. This model has varying bracelets and dial colors and materials. From yellow Gold to black leather.

The Milgauss

This model was released in 1956. It was designed for scientists who sometimes visit places with different forces in magnetic fields. The watch should be good enough to withstand 1,000 gauss. The European Council for Nuclear Research has approved of the Milgauss’ ability to do so. It has an orange second hand with shaped in a lightning bolt. These are the important features to look for in replicas.

Rolex Daytona with Red Daytona Lettering and Panda Dial

The article published on Monochrome went on to say that Cerachrom bezels are the newest trend for Rolex and they possess excellent qualities including being scratch resistant as well as being able to prevent fading. Having said this, Monochrome wanted a revival of the Daytona 6263 one of the coolest Rolex watches ever made. They predict that the Daytona will have a Panda dial and a red text that read DAYTONA, with a black bezel and screwed pushers. They also predict that it would still be a platinum case but with a black ceramic bezel.

Unfortunately Rolex didn’t launch a Daytona with the details that Monochrome predicted. Although they introduced a new Daytona, it has a platinum case, pave diamond dial, bezel set with 36 diamonds and baby blue subdials.


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Some call it the “Batman” in honor of its black-and-blue bezel. For more than half a century, Cheap Rolex Replica fans associated RolexGMT-Master II Replica with two bezel-color combinations.In this feature from the WatchTime archives, we test the first version of the Rolex GMT-Master II ever to sport this color combo.

The Rolex GMT bezels are so well-known that they have nicknames: “Pepsi” and “Coke,” respectively, because they call to mind those brands’ trade dress. So when a new, unprecedented, black-and-blue version of the Rolex GMT-Master II showed up in Cheap Rolex window at Baselworld last year, buzz abounded. Interest in the watch was so keen that every few minutes the booth’s cleaning team had to wipe from the window the fingerprints left by fairgoers’ pointing at it. It wasn’t long before the watch had earned a nickname of its own. Or, rather, a pair of nicknames: “Bruiser” and “Batman.” The bezel was notable not just because it was black and blue, but because it was black and blue and made of ceramic. No one had ever succeeded in combining two colors of ceramic in a single-piece insert. As long as the GMT bezels were made of metal, as they were for decades, it was no trick to make them two colors. But in 2005, when Rolex Replica Watches began to shift to ceramic bezels with the launch of a special 50th-anniversary model of the GMT-Master II, those new bezels were of necessity just one color. The advantages of ceramic over metal are that it is more scratch-resistant and less likely to fade after years of exposure to light. In 2006 and 2007, Rolex brought out, respectively, steel- and-gold and all-steel versions of the Cheap Rolex Replica GMT-Master II, both with all-black ceramic bezels.

What brought bi-color back was a new manufacturing method that Rolex itself invented and patented. It involves applying a metallic salt to half of the bezel before the component is fired in a kiln, where the color is created. In a Cheap Rolex GMT watch, a bi-color bezel serves a practical purpose: it makes it easy to distinguish the second time zone’s a.m. hours from its p.m. ones. Rolex’s new color combination is more than practical, it’s attractive. Furthermore, it makes sense: blue is a more logical choice to indicate the daytime hours than is red.The downside is that the difference between black and blue can be nearly impossible to detect in poor light, but the upside is that blue is much less flashy than red, so this watch can be worn with a business suit. To match the bezel, the 24-hour hand is now blue, rather than green as on the black-bezel model. The lettering on the dial is all white; on the black-bezel version, the words “GMT-Master II” are green. All in all, this new version makes a very harmonious impression.

The new GMT II-C gen and many of the other Rolex watches that have the solid mid link which is called “easy link” now for quick adjustment in hot or cold days, so people don’t have to add or remove links or half links if they pulled out the smaller ones.

Rolex Oyster Weekday calendar type 36

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1956 World Rolex Sunday calendar to achieve a prominent innovation: it has 18ct gold or platinum style, is the world’s first in the dial on both the calendar window and can show all the weeks of the watch , Which at the time was a great technological achievement. As a model of the distinguished watch, Sunday calendar type with the head of the type of strap, once the advent of the influential people by the favor.

Rolex has a dedicated casting, developed a high quality 18ct gold alloy. By mixing different amounts of silver, copper, platinum or palladium, you can extract different kinds of 18ct gold: gold, pink gold or white gold. All raw materials are made of high purity metal, in the gold before the formation of the first in the laboratory through the careful detection of advanced equipment, the processes are meticulous. Since the source of the tireless pursuit of perfection, Rolex has always insisted.

Gem inlaid artisans, as sculptors use precious metals for each gem to carefully craft its inserts. Then, the craftsmen with extremely accurate skills for the gem inlaid. Each gem is precisely aligned and calibrated to its place to ensure that it is firmly decorated in gold or platinum inlay.

Weekday calendar type 36 is developed entirely by Replica Rolex 3155 self-winding mechanical movement, equipped with week and date disk device. As with all Rolex motion, the Model 3155 movement is also certified by the Swiss official accreditation, which is awarded to the Accurate Watches that have been successfully tested by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC). The structure of this movement and all Oyster watch movement the same, with unparalleled reliability.

Rolex Deepsea

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The  is also equipped with a unique bracelet, featuring a double extension system for a perfect fit over any diving suit. If that wasn’t enough to wet your tastes buds this watch is also equipped with a Helium Valve. If the outside of the watch reaches 3 to 5 bars the valve opens to release helium stored in the watch. This pressure system keeps the watch safe from decompression damage.

This is an important point because many brands who make a watch for a special event or occasion do not consider that people 50 years from now might have no idea what a product is all about unless it says so on the product itself.

The Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue is currently the most high-performance dive watch that Rolex makes, as well as the largest in a thick (17.7mm) and broad (44mm wide) case. It comes on an Oyster-style bracelet and is made from 904L steel. The caseback of the watch is in titanium and it has a range of features that help offer the massive water resistance such as the Ring Lock System and the massive, 5 millimeter thick sapphire crystal over the dial.