Heritor Automatic Men’s Watch HR1503

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Heritor Hr1503 automatic watch review

Heritor Watches is a brand from the American fashion watch manufacturer Resultco. Heritor are a 21st century international brand. Whilst the watch design is approved and finalized in America, the parts for the watches are sourced from all other the world based on quality and value. They make use of high-grade stainless steel and the leather is purchased from Italy for many of their watch straps. The parts for the watch movements are also sourced from various countries around the globe to create a quality product with premium value.

The last Heritor watch I’m showcasing today is this Herren edition. This model is built with a stainless steel casing with a PVD rose gold finish. It has a diameter of 45mm with a thickness of 15mm. The strap is made of genuine leather and fastens with a buckle clasp.

The dial features a clear and easy to read display with two sub-dials that are used to show the day and date. There’s also a small keyhole port that allows you to view the balance wheel from the automatic self-winding movement.

This Heritor timepiece is powered by a automatic self-winding movement meaning it never needs a battery as it’s powered by movement. You can view this movement through the rear exhibition caseback, one of my favourite features on a watch.

You’ll be able to read my full Hr1503 men’s Heritor watches review here soon.

Modern Classic Rolex Submariner 14060M

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Let’s clear up a few things because one of my first articles ever on Fratellowatches, was about the modern classic Rolex Submariner 14060M. I made the claim that it was essentially a perfectly designed watch due to its excellent dial symmetry, but also because it lacked that odd protrusion of a feature: the Cyclops. I also made it very clear that there are only 2 types of Subs: the Submariner and the Submariner Date. There is no such thing as a Submariner “No Date” – that’s just silly. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that it was actually a struggle to pull the trigger when a very honest Rolex Red Submariner came up for sale some five years ago for a very reasonable price. But…the head lurched in front of the heart and made the decision because, if nothing else, a well bought vintage sports Rolex is a sound investment.

I had just moved to Germany five years back when my Dad shot me a note stating that a Canadian jeweler outside of Toronto had received a Rolex Red Submariner in on trade and had put it up for sale for around $5,000 Canadian. (This dealer also had a lovely 1675 that neither of us jumped on – ugh). I hemmed and hawed a little, but, admittedly, there was also a little voice inside of me that became really excited because, honestly, I never thought I’d be able to find an affordable vintage sports Rolex again.

Rolex, in its self-pronounced desire to push innovation, claimed that it was the first time it was able to produce such a deeply rated watch with a Cyclops. They claimed the bubble as a potential source of weakness that they were finally able to overcome with technology. Well, heading back to the late 1960’s and the Rolex Red Submariner, the brand took a page from the contemporary Detroit era of cars – as in, there’s no cure for cubic inches. In Rolex’s case, though, they mounted what now looks like an absolutely insane crystal that’s now known to collectors as a “Top Hat”. Essentially, in order to withstand the 200M depth rating inclusive of the famous Cyclops, a ridiculously thick crystal was fitted to the Sub. When I say ridiculous, we’re talking mm’s upon mm’s. In today’s world – or at least back in the 1980’s – it looks like a Plexiglas special. It’s so damn ridiculous that the thing loses its near 90-degree corners on everything from desks, door jambs, and whatever else. But, it’s endearing and I had to find a NOS one…

Taking a closer look at some details on the Rolex Red Submariner, you’re met with some really cool features that just don’t exist in today’s Subs. I’ve been critical of modern Subs for being too modular and blocky looking. I hope you’ll like these macros because I think it shows off some of the best details within this beauty. Let’s start with that bi-directional bezel.

Citizen Promaster Diver Review – BN0151-09L

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Citizen Promaster Diver Review – BN0151-09L dial

Citizen Watch Co. started in 1918 as the Shokosha Watch Research Institute, changing the name to Citizen in 1930. It was founded as a joint venture between Japanese and Swiss investors.

They’re currently most well known for the Eco-Drive solar powered watch movement, which never needs a battery change, and for their radio-synced atomic watches such as the Skyhawk A-T.After buying the Bulova Watch Company in 2008, Citizen Watch became the worlds largest watchmaker.

The version I’m reviewing here is the blue dialed BN0151-09L, which comes with a blue polyurethane diving strap. The BN0150-28E is also available, which is the same watch except with a black dial and black strap.The Citizen Promaster Diver range has quite a few interesting watches included in it, in many different styles which you can check out .

A seemingly minor detail that bugs a lot of people when companies get it wrong (looking at you, Seiko) is the alignment of the 12 o’clock marker, chapter ring, and bezel. No worries about that here – they’re aligned perfectly.While this is just one BN0151-09L out of thousands produced, I haven’t heard anything about alignment problems on any of the Citizen Promaster Divers.

IWC Ingenieur Replica 323310

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Noob factory has released several versions for this Ingenieur, and the one here is going to be introduced is the best version. With clone Cal.80111 movement, which is closest to genuine design. Whether engravings, shock absorber, balance wheel or black screws, the movement is cloned according to original IWC 80111 calibre. At the same time, auto rotor uses bronze as main material and has sunray patterns being polished, the surface of auto rotor has been plated with aluminum-magnesium alloy. In a word, the factory watch masters spent a lot of time in cloning 80111 movement and finally achieved perfection, it is the most beautifully polished auto rotor I have ever seen on replica watches.

Today, the main role is a vintage IWC Ingenieur replica, it is Laureus IW323310, which is the best replica Ingenieur which Noob factory has ever made. Although it belongs to vintage Ingenieur series, its design is full of modern watch making elements. Besides Portofino, I think Ingenieur IW323310 will be the best watch to fit your business suits. It will perfectly act as a casual watch. Modern case design with vintage dial, the replica gives you two different visual effect.

The case, which uses polishing on bezel, is 42.5mm in diameter and 14mm thick. The case back is solid with engravings, there are grooves on the edge of the back, you need a special tool to open the case back. Actually the highlights of the replica all lie in its dial, which exactly refects its vintage features. First, raised silver hour markers have a tip end, they are different from hour marker design of modern Ingenieur. There are 12 small lume dots next to each hour marker, these lume round dots use original SuperLume C1 material, so they could offer a strong and durable green light in the dark. Central vintage second hand has a red tip, which looks beautiful and increases the readability of the dial, which is blue with sunray patterns.

Ok, this is all review of replica IWC Ingenieur. I believe you guys have a basic understanding of it. With superior quality polishing on case and genuine leather strap, the replica brings a good wearing comfort, featuring an unique vintage Ingenieur dial, it gives you extraordinary visual enjoyment, driven by modified clone 80111 movement, the watch could run more accurately and stably.

Ways to Maintain Rolex

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Image result for Cheap Rolex Deepsea Replica series of watches

First, from an objective point of view, to understand the accuracy of the table, mechanical watch quartz watch itself is relative to the existence of a certain error, oscillation system (including the escapement system and balance spring balance system) coordination and stability is The main factors that determine their ability to accurately travel.

Second, from external factors, the temperature, magnetic field, the impact of interference is a watch precision travel time factors. The temperature changes the working length of the gossamer, while changing the inertia of the balance wheel can directly affect the timing accuracy; magnetic field for the impact of the watch we must be more familiar with the point, because there are many mechanical steel watch material, such as steel Wheel, escape wheel, etc., so very susceptible to magnetic; impact, is also one of the first to bear the brunt.

Third, the chain is not fully or worn state can not make the watch full release of energy. Because all the tests in the factory before the factory is in accordance with an ideal state of daily life of people tested, including the arm swing, the watch accepted the external environment. If you are sitting in the office all day, can not let the automatic mechanical watch has power, the natural time will not be accurate, it will not fully meet the power reserve time. Wearing too comfortable or too much movement, are not conducive to watch the travel time.

the calendar calendar lattice, due to the grid is divided into two different speed, the first within ± 5 minutes to complete the calendar tab, the second in 3 hours to complete the calendar tab.
3, in case of using a screw-type crown of the watch, not hard pull, please counterclockwise rotation to open the lock of the crown, the adjustment time, the crown clockwise rotation and push into the lock.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King

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Image result for Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King

The Black dial rolex oyster perpetual air king replica watch ref. 116900 features a dial very similar to that on the Rolex Explorer I ref. 214270 we reviewed here; but this time, including a white minute scale with white numerals. The new Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King ref. 116900 features a black glossy dial with applied hour numerals at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

The new Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King ref. 116900 is fitted with the legendary Oyster bracelet with satin-brushed finish. The bracelet features solid links throughout and is fitted with a folding Oysterclasp equipped with the Easylink system that allows the wearer to extend the last link on the bracelet by 5 mm.The Rolex Air-King, for most of its very long history, was the simplest, least expensive Rolex, but also in some ways the purist’s Rolex. With no date, a 100 m water resistant case, screw-down crown, and chronometer certification, it had every essential attribute that makes a Rolex a Rolex, with no distractions. In 2014, however, it was discontinued, and its status as the entry level Rolex as well as the purist’s Rolex was taken in 2015 by a new version of the Oyster Perpetual. In 2016, however, the Air-King returned and it is emphatically not your father’s Air-King. With a 40 mm case, new “Superlative Chronometer” certification, complete overhaul to the dial, and the same arrangements for resistance to magnetism as the Milgauss, it may be an Air-King in name, but in the hand and on the wrist, it’s an almost entirely new watch.

In fact, it’s such a departure from what we’ve all gotten used to thinking of as an Air-King that I almost wish Rolex had named it something else. The retention of the Air-King name means that you have to struggle a little when you first see pictures of the watch – or when you start wearing it – to see it as its own thing, instead of through the veil of years of exposure to something else that had the same name. What is the same, however – Rolex being pretty good at not totally disrupting the connection of any of its watches to earlier models in particular, and to the basic design codes of the company in particular – is the Air-King logo, as if to reassure the skittish that underneath it all, the Air-King is the same purist’s watch you knew and loved once upon a time.

Celeb Obsessions with Rolex Watches

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Celebrities may go in and out style, but one star has been a favorite for years: Rolex. From the retro to modern day, celebs go gaga over their Rolex. Let’s take a look at big names through the years who thought that Rolex packed as much star quality as they do.

The hardest part? Deciding whether Rolex are the coolest thing around, or the hottest items to wear.Paul Newman, star of Cool Hand Luke wore his Daytona until the day he died, but he was lucky enough to get a Daytona Rolex set of watches named after him. Paul Newman Rolex are exceedingly rare as they have been out of production since the early 70s, butSteve McQueen aka the “King of Cool,” wore his Rolex Submariner for almost 22 years straight. After supposedly gaining the Rolex during a motorcycle transaction, he and best bud (Bud Etkins, in fact) were as inseparable from their watches as they were from each other.

Arnold Schwarzenegger who made first won Mr. Universe, and then went on to conquer the movie is no stranger to Rolex and be seen sporting a Rolex Mocha GMT from time to time.Brad Pitt has been seen wearing—and rocking—many Rolex watches, from the Daytona to the Submariner, to the GMT Master II, both on and off screen. His old flame Jennifer Aniston can also be seen sporting a Rolex Day-Date. It just goes to show that true love never dies—for Rolex, that is.
Lately, it’s become a trend for women to wear men’s watches, and some lady celebs have taken to the trend with delight!

Ellen Degeneres is the Queen of Talk Shows, so it’s no accident that she flaunts a white gold Rolex President that glitters as much as her bright smile. Something of a Rolex fanatic, Degeneres can be seen wearing numerous Rolex models, from the Daytona to the Datejust to the Portia de Rossi.Lindsay Vonn knows a thing or two about keeping it cool after scoring a gold medal in Olympic Skiing. Her Rolex Datejust is the perfect fit for the skier, who reportedly gained her Rolex obsession from her role model: skier Picabo Street.

Lower price of elegant Rolex Air King watches replica

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The Rolex air-King is renowned for its ability to keep perfect timing in different time zones which was the main reason for its popularity at the time it was introduced to the public in the 1940s. This particular line of Air watches were in fact created to honor the brave pilots who took part in the Battle of Britain during World War II, but soon caught up with the imagination of everyone who wanted to look heroic and sophisticated. Although the rest of the models in the line of Air watches were discontinued in the 60s, the Air-King went from strength to strength and today there are many versions of this popular wristwatch in the market.

The specially patterned numeric in the dial is largely interesting. The juncture of the stylish case and silky bracelet together with handsome dial is the significant attraction of the watches. On the website: www.replica-watches.org.uk, the customer is glad in getting the fantasy item in daily wear. The controlled price of the replica Rolex Air-King compels them to think it as a valuable presentation to some relative or friend. Despite the fact that this type of watch is expensive, replicas were made to fulfill the consumer needs of people who wanted low priced but elegant looking timepieces. With top quality replica-watches.org.uk/rolex-air-king-c-40_54.htmlReplica Watches Rolex Air King in the market these days, it is beyond doubt that this type of watch is one of the most sold models that are not just affordable but also elegant enough to match other brands. Replica watches Rolex air-King is no inferior to the original and comes with the very same features that made the authentic Rolex so famous. All new additions too have been built into the new replica models with some dials in deep blue with red markings and stainless steel belts while others can be found with white dials and luminous hour markers and the very same engravings as in the original.

The bottom line is that having a replica of the Rolex Air King watch can give you that same feel as an authentic one but only for a small price. This proves that owning a replica not only satisfies your timekeeping needs but it also provides for your stylish desires. Lastly, we are assured that purchasing a replica will guarantee your money’s worth because it is made with detailed precision and high quality. Even the scratch resistant sapphire crystal watch face has been duplicated in the Replica watchesRolex air King to make it even more authentic, and for the very reasonable price they are being sold at, you could do worse than buy yourself an elegant Air-King replica that would fool even the expert watch enthusiast. The selection of such friendly article has lots of patterns in relation to making the right choice. The increasing demand for the replica watch from the every corner of the universe is helping the industry to expand and produce improved newer edition of the watches replicas of Rolex famous brand.


Hermès Carré H Watch

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Image result for Hermès Carré H Watch

One might not realize sometimes just how ambitious a non-round-cased watch can be and how difficult it is to get right. You see the very few “iconic” successes a lot, but naturally, you don’t see much of the many, many others. Carré means “square” in French, and it is also the name of other product lines from Hermès such as women’s scarves. The Hermès Carré H watch for 2018 is 38mm wide in steel and square-shaped with kind of wire-style lugs and a round dial design. The original Hermès Carré H from 2010 designed by designer/architect Marc Berthier was 36.5mm wide in titanium with a squarer dial, and it cost almost double this version. See the 2010 version and more background along with our initial coverage of the 2018 Hermès Carré H watch here.

The new 2018 Hermès Carré H is also designed by Berthier, I believe, and it is not the brand’s only attempt at a square/rectangular/non-round watch design that will stick – our hands-on with the Hermès Cape Cod watches here, for example. Personally, first impressions of the 2018 Hermès Carré H watch immediately conjured a number of other watches for me. From dead-on, it was inevitably the well-known shape of Bell & Ross’ square cases, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the dial reminded me of – and then I remembered these also design-driven Gorilla watches with the combination of squarish case, round dial, and large double-digit numerals all around.

The rounded caseback plus the lug shape said (oh no!) “Apple Watch” – and, of course, there is the further connection that Hermès makes straps and exclusive faces for the Apple Watch. Note, however, when making that comparison, that these traits were present in the Hermès Carré H in 2010, well before the Apple Watch existed. The Hermès Carré H straps measure 21mm where they meet the lugs, but Hermès’ straps that have the more common measurements of 22mm (for the 42mm Apple Watch) or 20mm (for the 38mm Apple Watch) might even fit since the lugs’ bended corners seem give some leeway. What is distinctive and elegant about the case profile, however, is that it curves subtly, and the lugs are angled downwards to follow the arc. Above, these were called “wire” lugs, but they are in fact angular and appear well integrated and executed – they have also been compared to towel racks.

The Most Luxurious of all Luxury Watches –Rolex President

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The Rolex President is noted as the most luxurious of all luxury watches. When the watch was first released to the market in 1956 and named the Rolex Day-Date, it quickly overtook the Rolex DateJust as the brand’s high-end watch model. When President Eisenhower was spotted wearing a Rolex Day-Date in public, the watch was quickly coined the Rolex President.

In the tennis world, the Rolex President is tied to Roger Federer. In fact, as he hoisted his 2012 Wimbledon trophy over his head following his victory over Andy Murray, upon his left wrist was a 41mm Everose Rolex President provided by the Rolex Company. Much like Federer, the Rolex President is a true classic and amazingly precise.

Once again, some of the world’s most influential women wear both the ladies and men’s versions of the President Rolex. Stars associated with the Rolex President include Jennifer Anniston, Hillary Clinton, Victoria Beckham ( she loves her Rose Gold Daytona ), Renee Zellweger, and many more.

New and pre-owned Rolex President Watch models are available in a wide variety of styles. One can choose from the most simple and classic models featuring 18k yellow gold and diamond less face to a platinum model with plenty of diamond bling. Some of the hottest Rolex President models are those with Rose gold, oversized cases and bracelets, and rare vintage models.

Both the Rolex President and the Rolex Daytona are amazing investments in today’s world. Much of their value is based on the high-demand of both precious metals and Rolex watches in general. If you are going to buy a new Rolex, be sure to select an Authorized Rolex dealer to ensure authenticity. There is sure to be one around you but click here for a list of Rolex dealers near you. If, however, you prefer to save money and buy a pre-owned Rolex, be sure to deal with a reputable dealer with a solid reputation, impeccable reviews, and preferably one that belongs to the Better Business Bureau. BobsWatches.com prides itself on being the most trusted reputable pre-owned Rolex dealers in the US so please be sure to visit us or call for information on our fabulous selection of used Rolex watches for sale, including the Rolex Daytona and the Rolex President.

Another factor to the Rolex Daytona and Rolex President buying process is deciding on purchasing vintage or contemporary models. Vintage models are those released to market in the 1970s and earlier. One never really knows when a particular vintage watch can explode in value. The rare vintage Rolex watch market is quite hot currently. With a bit of research, it is possible to find rare vintage watches that are amazingly unique and valuable.

No matter which way you stack it, both the Rolex President and the Rolex Daytona are amazingly beautiful watches for wear both on and off the tennis court. Finding the Rolex of your dreams can be an enlightening adventure…full of fascinating history, discovery, and inspiration!

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